GOAL PROGRESS: 799$ of 8000$

Current Goal

Our current goal is to raise $8000 to get a potter named Primus to America to create pottery. Primus is in his thirties.  He lives in Cameroon, Africa.  He has helped me in so many ways as I have pursued my dream, so I am going to help him pursue his.  

Cameroon is a war torn country.  Since I have known him he has been kidnapped, shot at daily, forced to live in the Jungle frequently, and held up at gun point.

I decided to do something to help him and to create a way to help others in the same way.

Primus lost his wife to cancer a few years ago and has two small children.

I want to be clear.  I don't want to get any donations, or even sympathy.  I am working toward the goal of paying for the attorney fees for him to come over to America legally and work here, hopefully to start a life here and to be able to positively affect his family, in the same way so many of our ancestors did.

Our Story

Hey!  This is Aaron Evans.  I joined the Marine Corps at the age of 18 in 1992.  I learned how to repair electronics in radio systems.  Being dubbed a 'smart guy' in the Marine Corps had its own set of challenges.  I deployed twice to Okinawa in the 90's, then twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan in the 2000's.  

It was a wild ride for sure.  The good times and the hardships came hand in hand as they do for everyone.  Divorces, deployment, and eventually disability were all unexpected and they exacted heavy tolls on myself and especially my children.  

On the other hand the skills I gained are innumerable and have been a tremendous blessing and have set the groundwork for starting and managing this business.

I wandered into pottery at the tail end of my Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling.   This degree is about helping people with disabilities to have a full life of recreation, careers, and advocacy in our society.

The internship portion of this degree was working at a place called the Art Station in Fort Worth, Texas.  They had pottery as a option for reaching counseling clients with the art as a means of stress relief, conversation, accomplishment and more.  I found myself using pottery to counsel the 7 clients I was working with.

Under those conditions, I dreamed the dream of using pottery to help people full time outside the paradigm of traditional counseling.

Two years ago I purchased a slightly broken kiln for a couple of hundred dollars.  The skills repairing radio came in handy to repair and maintain that first kiln.  I bought 50lbs of clay and watched some YouTube videos.  I began creating with a small goal to make a coffee cup for myself for my morning coffee.

I found that pottery gave me the time and space to reflect on the past and to focus on the moment I was in.  I found a tremendous amount of peace and creativity as I entered the flow state time and again with clay in my hands.

Fast forward to now.  I have been doing workshops for free for veterans and the surrounding community.

I have enjoyed facilitating and teaching at these workshops but more importantly the participants report what a breath fresh air it is to take a couple of quiet hours away from busy, hectic lives to create pottery.

I sell the pieces I create to keep from having to store them.  Every piece I create is a little piece of my story and a tiny expression of my passion.  I want everyone to experience this peace for themselves as they create pottery.

Thanks for reading my story.  I welcome questions of any kind.  If there is a piece of pottery here that speaks to you then contact me to arrange the sale, or if you have questions I will answer them personally.  I love questions.  

Mission Statement

Yahweh is the name which God gave to Moses from the burning bush.  It means "I am" or in other words: "It's me."  The Hebrews felt that this name was so sacred they could not say it or write it.  

Yahweh pottery is about displaying my relationship with God in mostly covert and anonymous ways.  It is a vehicle by which we can connect and touch lives.  We are hoping that it provides resources to accomplish many acts of service to others while at the same time allowing us to pursue our passion for pottery and for showing others how to shape it and allow it to shape their lives a little better.

Yahweh pottery is about displaying our faith in the more subtle ways through love, support, and service.  

We are committed to effectively and efficiently putting ourselves out of business by teaching each of you how to do what we do.

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